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Paweł Bukałapawel_bukala

The Street Church pastor

Pawel is the Street Church pastor and director of the New Beginning Center for homeless and addicted people in Warsaw.

When he was 22 he experienced a radical life transformation, when Jesus delivered him supernaturally from alcohol, nicotine and drug addiction. Since that moment, it has been his passion to reach every human being with the gospel.

He started street outreaches in his hometown where he regularly preached the Word of God to young people.

Next, after moving from Rzeszow to Warsaw in October 2009, he began to cooperate with a group of Christian street walkers from different denominations, preaching the Gospel to the homeless.

Since September 1st, 2010 Pawel has been the leader of the Street Church in Warsaw which has grown out of a non-denominational outreach directed to socially excluded people, focused on preaching the Gospel to every inhabitant of Warsaw.

Since May 2011 Pawel has been the director of the New Beginning Center – an addiction rehab facility, which is a mission of the God’s Church in Christ.

Pawel’s wife Marta is – in his own words – his right hand in all important decisions and activities. She is also involved in running the Street Church and the New Beginning Center.