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Dominika Pocendek dominika_pocendek

My name is Dominika Pocendek. And I have been the member of the Street Church since its beginning actually.

One year before the Street Church, me and my friends gathered in the Center of Warsaw (at the same place the Street Church meet now) once a week to pray and worship God there. One of my friend, from a different group which was helping the homeless and preaching, had  God’s confirmation  to do it.

We did not know then that from  these two separate initiatives God would create something completely new.  Moreover, we did not expect that the Christian center for the homeless and addicted would come into being soon, and that Christians from all over Poland would join in one event – March for Jesus in Warsaw.

That year, on holidays, an  intensive desire to serve God and preach His words appeared in my heart. So, my friend’s proposition to join the newly developing Street Church I treated  as  the God’s answer.

At the beginning there were not many of us. As a flautist, I joined the worshiping group. Also, I helped in the kitchen, and until today I have  been doing those two things. Although I play less often than I used to, I am not worried because it means more musicians have joined the Church and God bless them for that.

I would not call myself a typical evangelist, but sometimes I have  really interesting conversations and I can observe how God is touching and changing people’s hearts. Sometimes I say a few words to someone, sometimes I just smile and say “Have a nice meal”.  I know that God will use in His own way even such small gestures.

Finally, I would like to say something about faithfulness to God, despite the weather. The first meeting of the Street Church was poured by the heavy rain, and even the homeless were surprised that somebody decided to organize something for them  in such weather conditions.  Later, at least two times, it happened that the whole day it was raining and exactly at 7pm the rain stopped and at 9 pm it started to rain again 🙂