Kościół Uliczny

daniel_ewertowskiDaniel Ewertowski

My name is Daniel Ewertowski and I have been involved  in the Street Church for two years.

Everything started with an ‘accidental’ piece of information from a friend  who told me about a group of people preaching the Bible in the center of Warsaw. So, next Monday I contacted with them, went on a  meeting and  stayed there… until today.

Po krótkim okresie czasu okazało się, że nie ma osoby odpowiedzialnej za nagłośnienie, a ponieważ w dzieciństwie się tym zajmowałem, jako pomocnik – podjąłem się tego zadania.

Among others, I am responsible for planning the worship schedule for our meetings. God has blessed us with seven musical bands which play on  the Street Church regularly. Sometimes I also lead the worship. Such initiative like the Street Church has always been close to my heart, so when I learned about it, I just knew it was my place.  Despite the weather and other obstacles, during those two years we were always there, in the city centre preaching the Bible.  And God has been so faithful in this.

Every Wednesday after work I have the same feeling – the feeling of laziness and being so sleepyJ But every time I manage to overcome this crisis and it later turns out that God does the next miracle, the next person starts to believe in Him, or changes his/her life and decides to welcome God to his/her heart.  And that is why it is worth  being there every week and be a part of this event. I know that God has got even bigger things. I also know that He is going to reveal this because He shows it in dreams, visions and revelations. But… everything in due time.

Three years ago we did not even  think that the Street Church could exist, and this year the next two churches are going to appear, in Szczecin and probably in Poznan. God is good and it is worth being in His army. God bless you!