Kościół Uliczny



The Street Church is an initiative of a group of Warsaw Christians whose desire is to preach the gospel to the poor and homeless (but not only!).

Every Wednesday, next to the ‘Centrum’ underground station, in a church “with no doors and windows”, Christians gather to worship God, preach His Word and offer practical help to the needy by serving hot meals and assisting them in overcoming different addictions.

The street mission started in 2006 thanks to Rafal Zablocki and Agnieszka Capitanio whose desire was to reach the homeless with the gospel.

In 2009 Pawel Bukala became the leader of this ministry. Currently, there are eleven Warsaw churches whose members are involved in the Street Church (and this number is still growing).

On September 1st, 2010 the Street Church carried out its first open air service. It was organized together with Artur Pawlowski, the leader of the Street Church in Calgary, Canada.

Street Church’s Objectives:
– we organize weekly meetings of the Street Church on Wednesdays at 7 pm next to the ‘Centrum’ underground station and on Tuesdays at 7 pm in the area of Dworzec Wileński shopping centre to preach the Gospel and distribute hot meals.
– our vision is to lift the homeless up from the desperation of their current circumstances. We want to help them overcome addictions and we would love to see them motivated and inspired, full of hope for their future, so that they can find the sense of their life in Jesus Christ.

We would like to inspire you as well!
The Street Church is made up of people just like you!

Every person interested in this project has got the same passion – to reach the lost. There are a lot of people involved in our ministry. They preach the gospel, lead worship, pray, serve food or help to drive the homeless and addicted to different rehab centers in Poland.